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Our stores are OPEN to the public, with stict COVID-19 protocols in place.  We also are accepting orders for Curbside Pickup.  

Our website is new and still under development. Online ordering is not available at this time, but we are accepting orders by Email!


All Orders should be Submitted via Email 


You can now submit your order by email.  Here are a few tips to make the process smoother:

  • Review our New On-line Catalogue. It has thousands of great items already and we are loading more each day.
  • Make a list of the items that you want, include the Item Number and Description
  • Make a list of other items that you didn't find on the website that you are interested in


Prepare your email:


Please note that these email addresses are for ORDERS ONLY.  They are automated emails that are not monitored. No replies will be given via these addesses other than an automated responce to confirm receipt of the email. Please do not send non-order inquiries to these addresses.


Email Orders for St Vital Centre location to:

  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Email Orders for Johnston Terminal at the Forks location to:

    This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Your email must include the following:

  1. Your Name (First and Last)
  2. Your Phone number(s) where you can be reached.  You can give more than one number if you wish.  Please specify when you are availble at that/those numbers to take calls
  3. Your lists.  Start with the items you found in the On-line Catalogue.  Be sure to add item number and description for those.  Then the other items you were looking for that weren't on the website.  Finally, if you are looking for a gift but don't know exactly what, tell us who it's for and approximate budget.  We'll try to come up with a few suggestions. 
  4. Please don't send screen shots or photos from the website.  Just send us a text list


DO NOT provide credit card information in your email.  Email is not secure and does not protect your information.


Once your email is sent, you will receive an automated responce.  Your order will be placed in sequence by the time it was received. One of our in-store shoppers will pick what they can of your order and then call you back on one of our private lines.  Your phone may show "Private Caller" or "No Caller ID". 

When we call you back, we will go over your order with you and let you know if there were any items sold out and perhaps make suggestions on alternatives.  Feel free to ask about other products or to add to your order at this time.  Once the order is finalized, we will put the charges through.  We currently accept Visa or MasterCard for payment.  

Please note that call backs can take several hours depending on the number of orders ahead of you.  If you don't hear back from us within 48 hours, give us a call. 




Once your order is processed, it will be available for Curbside Pickup.  Our team will advise you where to park.  When you arrive, just give us a call and we will bring your purchases out to the designated location.

Please be sure to call the main phone number of the store when you arrive for pickup.

Forks - (204) 942-2800

St Vital Centre - (204) 257-4595

We appreciate if you can pick up your order within 2 days.