Gift Cards


Kite and Kaboodle Gift Cards

With over 25,000 products to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to decide on just one item. When you can't decide, we make it easy!

Just purchase a Kite and Kaboodle Gift Card, and let them have the fun of picking their favourite items!

Gift Cards are available in-store only and can be purchased in any value starting at $20.

Kite and Kaboodle Gift Cards that are purchased do not have an expiry date, and can be used for purchase of any product in the store.

(Please note that giftcards given or distributed as a part of a promotional program, or given as draw prizes may have an expiry date which will be shown on the back of the card).

Check Your Gift Card Balance Here

We've included the Givex Card Balance Checker below for your convenience.

Just enter that really long number off of the back of your gift card and then enter the "scratched out word" into the validation field, where it says "Enter Code Above". Make sure you use the correct upper or lower case letters as shown. Then press Submit.

If you make a mistake putting in that "scratched out word" you will get a validation error (some are a little tricky to read). Don't worry, just press the "back" link that appears below the error message and you will be presented with a new "scratched out word" to enter!