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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

What Can I Do with Thinking Putty??

Crazy Aaron's Thinking putty is based on a Silicon Bouncing Putty. You can Stretch it, Shape It, Tear It, Pop it, Knead it, Snap it and Bounce it!

Some types of Thinking Putty change colours, are light or heat sensitve, magnetic, or even Glow-in-the-Dark!


Thinking Putty is an absolutley fantastic sensory tactile toy. It is loved by both children and adults as a relaxing product to hold and manipulate. It feels cool to touch and leaves no greasy feel on your hands! Plunk down a clump of putty and watch it as is slowly "melts" into a puddle. Mezmorizing and relaxing!

Who is Think Putty For??

Thinking Putty is for everyone! Kids love it! Adults love it!

Play by yourself or play with your friends! Bring It to School, Bring it to The Office! Tired of boring meetings? Bring some Thinking Putty for everyone to try (don't expect to get it back!). Need to relax? Break out the Thinking Putty! Packed in a handy tin, Thinking Putty can go anywhere you do! It never dries out!

Thinking Putty can be used for hand exercises, or in place of a stress ball!

We know you'll love Thinking Putty yourself, but it also makes a great gift!

Are there a Variety of Think Putty Choices??

Thinking Putty comes an a variety of colours and effects and most are available in 2" or 4" tins. There are about 35 varieties in all so there is always something new to try. Prices vary depending on the type of Thinking Putty and size of the tin.

What is this stuff and
Where does it come from??

During World War II, America's supplies of natural rubber were scarce. American industries searched for rubber substitutes that could be used in place of natural rubber tires, gaskets, and seals. In 1936, Dr. Earl Warrick had begun experimenting with "organosilicon" chemistry - combining silicon (think: sand, glass, computer chips) with carbon (think: you and me, charcoal, and fossil fuels). In 1943, he joined the newly formed Dow Corning Corporation. His research was refocused to help the war effort by developing a synthetic rubber substitute. Although he failed to produce a suitable rubber before the end of the war, one result of his experiments was a Silicone Bouncing Putty (the primary ingredient in Thinking Putty). Although it had no industrial use, he kept some around - it made a nifty toy!

In the fall of 1998, Crazy Aaron (yes he's a real person, we met him earlier this year!) was designing web sites for a living. He was always on the lookout for "the ultimate desk toy." One day he convinced a number of colleagues to pool resources and buy 100lbs of Bouncing Putty from a large chemical supplier.

Watching people react to Putty -- in adult sizes -- was a unique experience. Some people just looked at it, hesitant to touch something that might be "sticky" or "gooey." Other people weren't comfortable playing with a toy in front of co-workers. Eventually, though, everyone's subconscious won over, it was in their hands, and they never wanted to put it down! Squeezing, stretching, and shaping...they didn't even realize it was there! As it melted their stress away, their creative potential was unleashed!

Who makes Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty??

Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld was born in the spring of 2001 and they've been having crazy fun ever since. After expanding beyond the capacity of Aaron's parent's basement, they moved production into several vocational facilities in Philadelphia's suburbs where the product is made by exceptional individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. They work as a team to develop vocational skills and economic self-sufficiency!

Is Thinking Putty Safe??

Thinking Putty is manufactured entirely in the USA from top shelf materials sourced from industry leading vendors. They take product purity and regulatory compliance very seriously. They are certified compliant with ASTM F963 and EU standards EN 71 Parts 1, 2 & 3 which cover tests for toy safety. The product is CPSIA compliant with all regulations.

Thinking Putty is inert, non-toxic, and safe. Thinking Putty contains no latex, gluten, wheat compounds, or phthalates. It is safe for use by people with sensitivity to wheat or latex and will not promote the development of latex allergies.

Most Thinking Putty is Recommedned for ages 3 and up, however Super Magnetic Thinking Putty varieties contain magnets and are suitible for children 8 and up. Always check individual packaging for age recommendations.

Watch these videos to see Thinking Putty in action: