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Stop Motion Animation Made Easy!

Welcome to the world of Stop Motion Animation!

StickBots are posable sticky bots that come to life using the free StikBots app.

The process is simple! Download the free StickBots app. Pose your StickBots. Snap a picture using the app. Move the character slightly. Snap another picture, and so on. Once you've gone through your whole scene, the app converts the pictures into a flowing video. Add music and sound effects and you're ready to show your friends or share on social media, including the StickBots channel.

StickBots Studio Pro includes a Green Screen Stage and props so you can use Green Screen effects just like they do in Hollywood! With the Green Screen technology, your characters can end up just about anywhere!

StikBots are available as individual bots in six solid colours and six clear colours. The StikBot Studio Pack includes one orange StikBot and one clear StikBot plus a tripod for your smartphone. The StikBot Studio Pro Animation Set includes 1 solid red StikBot, 1 Solid orange StikBot, a Green Screen Stage (reversible to blue screen), a tripod and 2 prop boxes (Blue and Green)

About the StikBot App

Make a stop motion film starring StikBot with this easy animation app! The app is free.

StikBot Studios makes stop motion moviemaking a snap. Create your video in minutes and share it via social media and email. 

*Final movies are 10 frames per second — that means 100 photos turn into a 10-second film.

*The ghost image feature allows you to see your last shot and line up the next one.

*With the remote shutter feature, you can use the volume control button on your headphones to shoot photos.

*Add in wacky sound effects from the clip library.

*Share your finished video in seconds with #StikBot.

The StikBot figurines are designed to make stop motion simple. Make StikBot the star of your show: they can run, climb, jump, sing, dance and stick to almost anything! Use your imagination and get to work!

Share your videos with #StikBot to show us what you made. Visit www.stikbot.toys for tips and tricks, killer videos and more.

Check #StikBot on social media to find out what StikBot is up to all over the world.

Recommended for ages 6 to adult!

Watch the video:

STIKBOT'S Rise to Fame!

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