EMPLOYMENT: Sales Associate - Part Time 30 to 35 hrs/wk

                           - Johnston Terminal at The Forks

Sales Associate - Part Time 30 to 35 hr/wk

- Johnston Terminal at The Forks - Winnipeg

We are currently looking for a Part Time Sales Associate to join the Kite and Kaboodle team at our location in the Johnston Terminal at The Forks. This position will range in hours, but is expected to typically require 30-35 hours per week. Shifts will generally be scheduled throughout our hours of operation including day, evening and weekend shifts and could include holidays. Some night (after closing) or early morning (before opening) shifts may also be required. On occasion, up to 40 hours per week could be required. Full, unlimited availability, on an ongoing basis, is required for this position.

Scope of the Position

As a Sales Associate you will be required to perform a variety of tasks including:

  • Greeting customers
  • Develop a solid knowledge of our products
  • Assisting customers in finding suitable products to meet their needs
  • Explaining product operation or functionality to customers
  • Providing product demonstrations
  • Operating the computerized cash register system and performing Point of Sale duties
  • Answer telephone calls and provide customer assistance over the phone
  • Receiving shipments from suppliers including lifting and moving heavy boxes
  • Pricing products and processing paperwork associated with receipt of goods
  • Completing paperwork to identify and track problems with deliveries
  • Displaying products on shelves and creating feature product displays
  • Restocking product from storage
  • Duties related to loss prevention
  • Daily cleaning including: sweeping, mopping, dusting etc.
  • Other duties as may be required from time to time


Our Requirements

We require the following skills/attributes for this position:

  • Must be a team player and be enthusiastic about helping grow our company
  • Must be energetic and capable of doing physical work
  • Must be outgoing and enjoy interacting with people
  • Must have the ability to work with little or no supervision
  • Must be detail oriented with strong organizational skills
  • Must be a strong oral and written communicator, completely fluent in English
  • Must have good basic math skills
  • Must be familiar with operating computers
  • Must have a basic knowledge of common toy and game products
  • Must be familiar with common product licenses and licensed characters
  • Experience in Retail would be an asset
  • Experience operating Computerized Cash Registers would be an asset
  • Experience in processing credit/debit transactions would be an asset
  • Experience providing outstanding customer service would be an asset


  • High School Diploma


Physical Requirements

This position involves:
  • Standing for extended periods of time
  • Repetitive motion
  • Bending
  • Reaching
  • Grabbing
  • Stretching
  • Kneeling
  • Climbing ladders
  • Lifting heavy boxes
  • Talking
  • Listening



Applicants for this position should be avaiilable to work throughout the entire duration of employment and should be willing to work 4 to 5 shifts and a minimum of 30 hours per week. Applicants with completely open and flexible schedules will be given priority.


Duration of Employment

This position will start out as a 3 month term position. Upon complettion of the initial term, this position would become permanent and have the potentional of becoming Full Time, providing the candidate demonstrates the required skills and growth.


Location of Employment

This position will be primarily located at our location in The Johnston Terminal at The Forks. However, some shifts may be required at our location at St. Vital Centre, on some occasions.


Coming to the Site

It is recommended that staff make use of public transportation or walking or biking to The Forks site. On-site parking spots are available on a paid basis (at the current Forks site parking rates). This is public parking and spaces may not be available depending on site traffic or events. Applicants for positions at our Forks location should take this into consideration.


How to Apply

If you think you are the right person to join our team for this position, then do the following:

  • Make sure you have an electronic copy of your current RESUME on hand. (Accepted formats are PDF or WORD documents)

  • Create a COVER LETTER explaining why you think you are a good choice for the position. Be sure to highlight any special, relevant experience that will show us how you be an asset to our team. *** IMPORTANT *** Provide an outline of your availability including a schedule of when you could be at The Johnston Terminal at The Forks, ready to work. You can show us for one week if your schedule does not change, or show us week by week if it does change. (Keep in mind that those with an open schedule will be given priority.) Also include both the ideal and maximum number of hours that you would like to work in a typical week. If your availability changes through the Duration of Employment, then specify what changes and when it changes. Have an electronic copy ready. (Accepted formats are PDF or WORD documents)

Be sure that your contact information, including your contact phone number and personal email, are included and are correct! Do Not include your Social Insurance Number in any documents. Please note that we do not accept applications via agencies.

  • Once you have your cover letter and resume ready you can click the APPLY button below and then follow the instructions. (Please note the link is specific to this position and cannot be used to apply for any other position).

We work with a company called PLUM to assist us in the evaluation of applicants. When you click the APPLY button, you will be taken to their website where you will be asked to create a PLUM profile. Please use the same email address as you used on the resume/cover letter. You will be able to upload your cover letter and resume here.

You will then be asked to take a short Discovery Survey which will help us to determine some of your strengths. There is no time limit for the survey, but experience says it will take about 30 minutes to complete. Please be sure you have time to complete the survey when submitting your application. The questions in the first part of the survey are the hardest, so don’t get discouraged if it seems tough. Answer to the best of your ability. Many of the questions don’t have right or wrong answers, so don’t try to guess how we would want you to answer. Just be sure to answer as honestly as possible so that we get the best picture of who you are. (You will receive some interesting feedback from the survey regarding some of the strengths it identifies). We will receive your resume and cover letter, along with your survey results and our evaluation will begin!

Good Luck!! If you’re ready to apply for this position, click here:

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Sales Associate - Part Time 30 to 35 hr/wk - Johnston Terminal at The Forks - Non-Student - Winnipeg

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While we would love to contact each applicant, the reality is that we just don’t have time to do that, as we can get well over a hundred applicants for one position. We will only contact those who are moving to the next phase, which will be interviews. Contact will be via email. If we don’t contact you during this process, we may retain your information and contact you in the future, if we feel that you are suitable for an open position.

Thanks for taking the time to apply! We appreciate your interest!