As one of the most widely known toy products in the world, LEGO needs little introduction. As one of the largest independant LEGO dealers in the country, we are your source for all LEGO product lines.

Not only do we carry everything that LEGO ships to Canada, but we carry a huge selection all year long. We are also known for hard to find items that you won't find at most dealers! (Please note: not all LEGO product is available for sale in Canada).

We carry LEGO in all available themes as well as:

LEGO Duplo,

LEGO Technic,

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and LEGO Boost Robotics,

LEGO Ideas,

LEGO Architecture and more!

We also carry a selection of LEGO branded books including story books based on LEGO themes, instructional design manuals and reference books on Minifigures and other items in the LEGO product line.